"Cerebral, is a multi-media drawing of a man o’war done on a roll of 6’ x 8’ vinyl linoleum. The man o’war, starting with its bubble-like shaped head, is positioned in the upper central area where the rest of its body is spread throughout the vinyl. This is to play on the idea of a test subject waiting to be dissected for study or a scientific diagram detailing the biology of this organism. The spreading of the object is to create the idea this man o’war was stuck on this piece of linoleum for quite some time (the linoleum was treated with an acrylic wash of brown and orange to further push the aesthetic of age and wear).

The interior of the man o’war, in particular the bubble shape near the top of the vinyl, has two cut plastic bottles (2 plastic 2 liter bottles were cut in half to create 4 separate segments) that make up the interior of its shape to simulate the texture of the head portion. The plastic has been treated with a light, yellow acrylic wash to give a sense of decay and disease. The physical shape of the bubble is outlined by a combination of embroidery thread and vibrant florescent string that holds the bottles within the structure. Unlike the florescent strings, the embroidery thread was sewn directly into the vinyl. The thread is woven, knotted and overlapped with the florescent string that creates a net structure that is reminiscent to the map of the human brain. The physical knots and other interweaving of the strings simulate the brain stems and a mapping of various sectors that hold particular functions within the brain structure.

The red and blue yarn strands throughout the vinyl are representations of the man o’war’s tentacles (like the weaving of the head-like structure of the subject) that recreated a humanistic quality such as the color of veins and blood flow associated with the brain and functions of the human body. Several pieces of the threads are sewn into the side or within the vinyl with the majority of the yarn free flowing without being physically attached to the vinyl. A portion of the yarn hangs freely in the central area of the vinyl that drops unto the ground that expresses the idea of a dead object displayed like a test subject. The thickness of the yarn varies as several pieces are coiled, knotted and curled to give a textual effect to mimic the man o’war organism as much as possible.

Located near the attached or sewn portions of the vinyl are handwritten text applied with black china and permanent markers to describe personal feelings or emotions. One thick coil of yarn is a representation of depression as one is of anger with several others labeled throughout the vinyl. Ironically, the title Cerebral comes from the Cerebellum, a portion of the brain that deals with the physical function of the body and not the emotions or feelings that are written on the vinyl as personal indicators." - Abstract From 2015 Graduate Thesis.