"Untitled: 40 Views of Decadence, is a series of 40 prints displayed in a grid-like format. The prints are on 11” x 6” sheets of paper where the subject matter is compositionally central or close to the edge to make the subject seem as if it is floating in a non-existent space. This creates a simulation that these objects are stuck within the confines of the sheet as the edges become a metaphorical tank, trapping the marine object within the space.

The subject matter of these prints range from abstracted depictions of jellyfish and squids to completely abstracted forms of marine vegetation or biological parts of organisms. The intaglio printing ink is varied in its application between thick to light with a combination of food coloring to give the image a brighter contrast to the crème and white backgrounds. The ink’s application is made in a painterly way that simulates brushstrokes and serves as the main indicators for the organisms themselves. Due to the abstracted depiction of these organisms, the ink becomes a literal representation of oil and its own destructiveness to the environment. Thus becomes a metaphor of destructive events such as oil spills, illegal dumping of toxic items into the environment and decomposition of marine organisms as a result.

Unlike the more literal compositions of these marine organisms, the more abstracted images have a destructive quality as they were formed with a combination of ink and rubbing alcohol. During the process, the rubbing alcohol disperses the ink and creates circular marks that imitate the visual of barnacles or suction cups from octopi or squids (within the interior of most suction cups are teeth and seemingly harmful apparatuses). This is displayed within the curvilinear formations as it creates a contrast between the literal organisms and the abstracted imagery that is then perceived as harmful and destructive through the decomposing of the subject matter. The use of water-based materials reference the cleaning process of everyday human actions, such as detergents and rubbing alcohol while the oil also serves as a representation of oil spills in which humans constantly have to clean up" - Abstract From 2015 Graduate Thesis.